Factoshi is an Authority Node Operator for the Factom Protocol. We provide a robust, secure and decentralised infrastructure to ensure the immutability and longevity of data committed to the Factom blockchain.

Factoshi's goal is to build a bright and vibrant ecosystem by providing the community with insights and open-source software that makes the Factom protocol transparent and easy to use. Our projects and roles include:

  1. Factom metrics dashboard.
  2. Graff: A GraphQL wrapper around the factomd RPC API.
  3. Factoidd: an address monitoring too.
  4. Editing Factom Improvement Proposals and Factom Interoperability Specifications.
  5. Educating the community with a broad range of articles on our blog.
  6. More coming soon...
If you would like to get in touch, please send us an email .